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Portable PC Washer 2.2.5 build 040409 | 5 MB
PC Washer can find and remove almost all kind of garbage files in your hard disk, it supports to remove temporary internet files, application temp files, unneeded log or backup files, 0 KB files, index.dat files and more. PC Washer is also a convient registry cleaner, it can scan the Windows registry and find incorrect or obsolete information in the registry. By fixing these obsolete information in Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free. PC Washer 2 has a brand new interface and has been added many very useful functions including: installed programs manage, real-time memory optimize, Windows startup programs manage, process manage and kill, Windows services manage and cache manage, PC Washer can also scan and remove a lot of popular spyware and adware now.

* Tracks Eraser
* Spyware, Adware & Malware Remover
* Windows System Optimizer
* Windows Memory Optimizer
* Windows Registry Optimizer
* Installed Programs Manager
* Startup Programs Manager
* Junk Files Remover
* Broken Shortcuts Remover
* Surfing Tracks Remover
* Windows Services Manager
* IO Cache Manager
* Windows Process Manager

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