The XML Guild “Advanced XML Applications from the Experts at The XML Guild”

2007 | English | ISBN-13: 978-1-59863-214-9 | 385 Pages | PDF | 5.37 MB

Numerous books abound for the beginning programmer who wants to learn XML, but there are few learning resources available for those who are already proficient in XML and need expert-level advice to help maximize their workflow. Advanced XML Applications from the Experts at The XML Guild provides such a resource, written by the expert programmers at The XML Guild. The book is not intended to be another exhaustive XML “bible,” rather, it’s a collection of advanced tips and techniques that the authors have used in the real world-and are now happy to share with you. Each chapter is written by the guild member considered to be the expert on a particular topic.

DOWNLOAD – Uzmanlar için XML uygulamaları (Advanced XML Applications) kitabı pdf

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